• El Salvador Santos Arnulfo Díaz

El Salvador Santos Arnulfo Díaz

  • $21.00

Whole bean coffee

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Origin: El Salvador

Department: Chalatenango

Municipality: San Fernando

Farm: La Trilla

Producer: Santos Arnulfo Díaz

Altitude: 1600 meters

Process: Honey

Variety: Pacamara

Tasting notes: Black cherry, apple, honeydew, cashew fruit

Santos Arnulfo Díaz owns a 1.5 hectare farm called Finca La Trilla, located in Chalatenango, El Salvador. He grows Pacas and Pacamara varieties and utilizes both washed and honey processes. Santos knew he was destined to be a coffee producer since he was a child on his father’s coffee farm. With the goal of learning more about coffee production he worked as a picker on other farms in the area. This allowed him to acquire knowledge from outside his family, which he would eventually apply back at the family farm. Santos is now proud to employ other young people interested in coffee production, passing his experience to a new generation of producers.

Santos is passionate about what he does, with an objective to produce high-quality coffee capable of receiving the best prices on the market, and using the income to invest in the family home for a higher standard of living, acquire new land, and improve the drying infrastructure.

This lot is a honey processed Pacamara that impressed us with its ripe fruit and sweetness. Pacamara is a hybrid of the dwarf variety Pacas and the giant variety Maragogype. Pacamara seeds are large and packed with intensity and flavor. The honey process involves an initial depulping of the coffee cherries before they’re laid out to dry with the sticky mucilage still in contact with the seed, lending more process-derived fruit character than the washed process and more clarity than the natural process.


This is our second year buying from Santos Arnulfo Díaz. We scored this lot an 87 and purchased 5 69kg bags for $5.60/lb EXW, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $1.06/lb.