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Colombia Abraham Campo

Whole bean coffee

We roast to order on Mondays and Wednesdays and ship the following day. Orders will be included in a roast if they’re received by 5pm Eastern Time the day before.


Origin: Colombia

Region: Cauca

Locality: Inzá

Association: Asorcafé

Producer: Abraham Campo

Altitude: 1900 - 2000 meters

Process: Washed, dried on raised beds

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, & Typica

Tasting notes: Navel orange, milk chocolate, apple, walnut


Abraham Campo is a member of Asorcafé, an association of smallholding producers in Inzá, Cauca. Asorcafé was founded in 2004 by ten coffee growers who were tired of selling their coffee to local buyers offering prices lower than the national market. Asorcafé works to provide their members with aid for education, job training and healthcare, and our supply partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants work closely with them to pay the best prices on the market for the top quality lots. With Abraham Campo's coffee we get a balanced and complete cup with flavors of navel orange, milk chocolate, apple, and walnut.


This is our first year buying coffee from Asorcafé, through our sourcing partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants, who continue to build on a twelve year relationship with each other. We wrote a forward contract in September 2019 for 10 bags of coffee from this association, and ended up committing to an additional 4. We scored this lot 86.5 points and purchased 4 70kg bags for $3.75/lb EXW, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $1.10/lb. To round out our contract we also purchased 10 more 70kg bags from two other producers.

Photo credit: Red Fox Coffee Merchants