• Colombia Libardo Hernandez
  • Colombia Libardo Hernandez

Colombia Libardo Hernandez

12 oz whole bean coffee

We roast to order on Mondays and Wednesdays and ship the following day. Orders will be included in a roast if they’re received by 5pm Eastern Time the day before.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Nariño

Municipality: Colon

Community: Cajucal

Association: FUDAM

Producer: Libardo Hernandez

Altitude: 1700 - 2000 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Tasting notes: Caramel, almond, mandarin, fig


Libardo Hernandez is a smallholding member of FUDAM in Nariño, Colombia. FUDAM is a producer association founded in 1999 by sister and brother team Raquel and Jeremias Lasso. The association focuses on creating pathways for small producers to sell their coffee for prices that are fair and commensurate for the quality they produce.

Traditionally coffees in this area were sold to “coyotes”, intermediary buyers focused on purchasing coffee at the lowest possible price regardless of quality. Coyotes often misrepresent the value of a lot to the producer, only to turn around and sell it to a final buyer for more. FUDAM presents an alternative and better model for producers to sell their coffees at a fair price with transparent incentives for better qualities.

This coffee was produced in the typical fashion for smallholders in Colombia. The fruit is depulped by manual or mechanically driven disc pulpers, then fermented in concrete, tile, or plastic containers before being washed with fresh water in the same vessel. In Nariño we get flavors of deep red fruits, bright citrus, and caramel undertones. It’s coffee that’s deep and sweet while simultaneously being light and bright. Without a doubt one of our favorite origins we look forward to all year.


This is our third year buying coffee from FUDAM, through our sourcing partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants, who continue to build on a twelve year relationship with each other. We wrote a forward contract in September for 15 bags of coffee from this association. We scored this lot 87 points and purchased 5 70kg bags for $3.75/lb EXW to fill part of that contract, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $1.17/lb.