• Colombia Los Guácharos

Colombia Los Guácharos

12 oz whole bean coffee

We roast to order on Mondays and Wednesdays and ship the following day. Orders will be included in a roast if they’re received by 5pm Eastern Time the day before.

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Municipality: Acevedo

Locality: San Adolfo

Producers: 26 smallholders

Altitude: 1350 - 1900 meters

Process: Fully Washed

Varieties: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo

Tasting notes: Cantaloupe, tangerine, caramel, cashew


Colombia Los Guácharos is produced by 26 smallholder farmers in a town called San Adolfo in Acevedo, Huila, Colombia. The Los Guácharos name used by this group of producers comes from a local bird that inhabits the aptly named Guácharos Cave in the nearby Natural National Park. Producers here grow the three varieties that have become most common for specialty production in Colombia: Caturra, Variedad Colombia, and Castillo. Traditional production methods are used, with each farmer processing at their own micro-mill. They first depulp ripe cherry with a disc depulper before fermenting the seeds in tile-lined cement tanks for 18 - 24 hours, after which they are washed in fresh water and then dried on covered patios. 40% of the coffee at these farms is grown under shade cover of plantain, chachafruto, guamo, and nogal trees.

We love the coffee from this area for its tropical sweetness and crisp, citrusy acidity. For a winter coffee it has a bright and sunny vibe, a breath of fresh air for mid-winter in Vermont. With this lot in particular we taste sweet melon (like cantaloupe), with tangerine acidity and a backbone of caramel and cashew.


This is our first year buying Colombia Los Guácharos. We sought this coffee out because of past experience with coffee grown by producers in this area. Our friend James Gibbs at Caravela Coffee helped us find it and write a forward contract for two lots from these growers. We scored this lot 87 points and purchased 10 35kg vac-sealed boxes for $3.82/lb FOB, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $1.07/lb. We also purchased 10 70kg bags of an 85 point lot from these producers for $3.37/lb FOB to use as a component in Chit Chat.