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Colombia Parmenio Musse


Whole bean coffee

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Origin: Colombia

Region: Cauca

Locality: Inzá

Farm Name: Buena Vista

Producer: Parmenio Musse

Altitude: 2034 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Bourbon

Tasting notes: Raspberry, milk chocolate, oolong tea

Parmenio Musse is a smallholding producer from Inzá, Cauca, Colombia. His farm, Finca Buena Vista, encompasses just 0.75 hectares (1.8 acres) of total area, only two thirds of which is planted with coffee. At 2034 meters above sea level, an extremely high elevation for Colombian farms, Parmenio and his family grow Bourbon, Caturra, and Tabi varieties under the shade of plantain and cedar trees. Parmenio harvests cherries when they are at peak ripeness and ferments the depulped seeds without water. After they are washed clean, he dries them on patios under parabolic cover for 21 - 30 days.

Parmenio is a member of the community of smallholders that produce La Pirámide, a coffee we've been buying directly for five years in partnership with our suppliers at Caravela Coffee. Years of long term planning and commitment to this supply chain have led to the opportunity to work directly with a talented individual member of the group, which was our goal from the beginning.

This lot is 100% Bourbon and stood out to us for its unique presentation of variety and terroir, and extremely clean cup. It is sweet, fruited, and full, at times tasting like some of the great Kenyan coffees. We taste raspberry, milk chocolate, and oolong tea.


This is our first year buying from Parmenio Musse. We scored this lot 88 points and purchased 4 35kg vacuum-sealed boxes for $6.75/lb EXW, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $2.38/lb.

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