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Ethiopia Yukro #5


Whole bean coffee

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Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Jimma

Locality: Agaro Gera

Cooperative: Yukro

Producers: Many smallholders

Altitude: 2000 meters

Process: Washed, dried on raised beds

Varieties: Ethiopian Landraces

Tasting notes: Kumquat, mango, peach

This coffee comes from the forests in the Agaro region of western Ethiopia, one of our favorite regions and the suspected birthplace of all the world's Arabica coffee. Before 2009 the quality potential of the coffee in Agaro was largely unknown, with most of the product being used for cheap, low grade natural coffees that lacked clarity or distinction. The Technoserve project changed that by building the first washing stations in the area, exposing the unique complexity and downright deliciousness of this coffee to international buyers for the first time. The mission of the project was to improve incomes for local farmers.

The project's success led to a proliferation of new washing stations, each operated by an independent farmers cooperative. In 2016 the Kata Muduga Union was formed to handle shared functions like marketing and administration, connecting its member coops to specialty coffee roasters and buyers. We've been buying coffee from Kata Muduga coops for five years, and our sourcing partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants have been doing so since the very beginning in 2009.

Yukro is one of the oldest coops in the Kata Muduga Union, and one of the most consistently excellent and revered coffees in all of Ethiopia. We are fortunate to take full advantage of the deep roots between Kata Muduga and our sourcing partners at Red Fox Coffee Merchants, whose relationship together goes back to the first year of the Technoserve project and has grown stronger every year since, allowing Red Fox to have their pick of the very best lots the cooperatives have to offer each harvest.

With this lot from Yukro we taste notes of kumquat, mango, and peach.


This is our fifth year sourcing coffee from the Kata Muduga Union through Red Fox Coffee Merchants, and our fourth year buying Yukro. We wrote a forward contract in the height of the harvest to buy 15 bags from Kata Muduga, split among a few different lots. Our friend Joel Edwards at Red Fox Coffee Merchants sent us a pre-ship sample of this lot to fill part of that contract. We scored it 88.5 points and purchased 5 60kg bags for $5.25/lb EXW, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $2.52/lb.

Photo credit: Red Fox Coffee Merchants

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