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Ecuador Guillermo Lomas


Whole bean coffee

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Origin: Ecuador

Region: Pichincha

Locality: Nanegal

Producer: Wilter Guillermo Lomas Lopez

Altitude: 1370 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Sidra

Tasting notes: Green apple, praline, lime

Guillermo Lomas planted his first coffee trees in 2014, with no prior experience producing coffee. He took a huge risk in doing so, but in a region with few opportunities he saw specialty coffee production as a way to work towards a better life. His very first harvest in 2016 was a powerful affirmation of his efforts, as he defied the odds and placed fifth place in the Taza Dorada, Ecuador’s national competition for coffee quality. Guillermo grows Typica and Sidra varieties on his 1.5 hectare farm in Nanegal, Pichincha, Ecuador, and this lot is 100% washed Sidra. 

With these Nanegal Sidra lots we get characteristics of bright citric acidity, round sweetness, and a mild florality. In this year’s harvest from Guillermo Lomas we’re tasting green apple, praline, and lime.


This is our third year buying from Guillermo Lomas, and our fourth year working with producers in the area through our sourcing partners at Caravela Coffee. We scored this lot an 87 and purchased 6 35kg bags for $8.35/lb EXW, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $1.76/lb.

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