Mario Alarcón Gesha Gift Set

  • $50.00

Each box includes three 200 gram whole bean coffee bags and original artwork from Vermont artist Matthew Jenkins.

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER. The Mario Alarcón Gesha Gift Box is a limited edition that will be roasted on December 14 and shipped on December 15. Any other items ordered with this coffee will also be shipped on December 15.

Our holiday gift box program started in 2015 as a way to celebrate some of our favorite coffees and as a mechanism for highlighting relationships we’ve formed with producer partners through the years. This season’s offering is comprised of three exceptional Gesha variety coffees, all from Monte de Oro in Guatemala. 

Mario Alarcón Gesha Gift Box

Mario Rene Alarcón and his son Mario Ricardo Alarcón own and manage Monte de Oro, a 24 hectare farm in the volcanically active and fertile region of Acatenango.

The Alarcóns produce one of Guatemala’s best representations of the Gesha variety’s coveted floral and citrus flavors, coming from original Panama Gesha seedstock. In the past three years of our relationship with the Alarcóns they’ve only exported natural processed Gesha lots, and we’ve always been stunned at how their exceptionally clean process adds colorful pink and purple hues to this classic profile without sacrificing any of the desired elegance or clarity. When we visited the farm last year we asked them if they’d ever consider producing a washed lot for us as long as we committed to buying the finished product. They agreed without hesitation, and we are thrilled to share the result with you.

This box set presents a unique opportunity to taste the Alarcón’s outstanding Gesha three ways. First, we have this year’s crop of the classic Monte de Oro reserve, the natural Gesha, replete with the flavors of strawberry, lilac, ripe plum and soft citrus that we’ve come to expect. We also have the super limited washed lot that was prepared specifically for Carrier, showcasing the classic white flowers, bright citrus, and tropical fruits associated with this variety. And finally we’ve reached back in time to the 2019 harvest to bring you a taste of last year’s natural Gesha for comparison, a true reserve made possible by deep freeze preservation.

This is our third year buying directly from the Alarcóns. We bought two 30kg bags each of the natural and washed Gesha for $11.00/lb FOB, and scored them 88.5 and 89 respectively. Olam Specialty Coffee provided financing and import logistics for a final landed price of $11.45/lb FOT. On the day we wrote this contract the Coffee Commodity price was $1.12/lb.

Country: Guatemala
Region: Acatenango
Farm Name: Monte de Oro
Producers: Mario Rene Alarcón and Mario Ricardo Alarcón 
Altitude: 1475 - 1575 meters
Variety: Gesha
Processes: Fully Washed, Natural
Tasting notes: Jasmine, lime, apricot, milk chocolate (washed); Lilac, kaffir lime, strawberry, candied plum (natural)