• Hawkins Marshall // Holiday Coffee

Hawkins Marshall // Holiday Coffee

12 oz whole bean coffee

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Some of you may remember last year's Holiday Blend we called Lola + Sid, named after two young members of the Carrier extended family who each represented a component of the blend. This year we're releasing a Single Origin Holiday Coffee called Hawkins Marshall. Hawkins is the 2 year old son of Scott Kerner, one of Carrier's founding owners. He's big for his age, sweet, and just a touch spicy. You might say he's "bold".

The coffee itself is a lot of the Pacamara variety from one of our new partner farms in Guatemala called La Bella. La Bella is a beautiful and lush farm, high up in a cloud forest overlooking the low, arid scrubland drainage basin of Sierra de las Minas. The total land area of the farm is 275 hectares, 110 of which are planted with coffee while the remaining land is preserved as natural forest. La Bella experiences a cool and humid microclimate, with very wide differences in day and night temperatures, encouraging slow maturation of coffee cherries. Due to this microclimate the harvest is often one to two months behind the average farm in Guatemala.

The farm is owned and managed by third-generation coffee farmer Teodoro Engelhardt. Teo began his career in marketing, eventually finding himself spending more and more time on the family farm with his father, eventually taking it over. Teo’s father was a PhD agronomist, and passed on all of his practical knowledge on coffee agronomy to Teo, who’s whipped it into a seemingly endless sense of curiosity and experimentation.

Teo is constantly trying new things on the farm. Seven years ago he started planting coffee among the leaf litter of old-growth maple trees in an effort to preserve and regenerate the forest. For these forest coffees he concentrates on high value varieties such as Gesha and Pacamara to compensate for the lower yields produced in this cool, low-light environment. It’s a sight to see Teo, himself a towering individual, standing next to a massive Pacamara plant surrounded by giant maples. It can't get any better for a Vermont company than buying maple forest coffee!

Pacamara is known for its very large size and big flavor profile. With this coffee we pick up flavors of molasses, clementine, cranberry, and gingerbread.


This is our first year buying from Teodoro Engelhardt. Our friend Christian Starry from Truth Trading Co. brought this offer directly from Teo to cup with us at our roastery in Northfield. We scored this lot an 86.5 and purchased 2 69kg bags for $4.25/lb FOB, on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $0.90/lb. Olam Specialty Coffee financed and imported the coffee for an arrival cost of $4.70/lb EXW.

Origin: Guatemala

Region: Sierra de las Minas

Farm: La Bella

Producer: Teodoro Engelhardt

Altitude: 1460 - 1800 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Pacamara

Tasting notes: Molasses, clementine, cranberry, gingerbread

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