• Honduras José Angel Velasquez

Honduras José Angel Velasquez

12 oz whole bean coffee

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Origin: Honduras

Department: Santa Bárbara

Municipality: Las Vegas

Producer: José Angel Velasquez Martinez

Farm Name: Finca Flor de Izote

Dry Mill: Beneficio San Vicente

Altitude: 1620 meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Catuai

Tasting notes: Cherry, graham, chocolate, pineapple


José Angel Velasquez owns a small farm in Santa Bárbara, Honduras. Of his 7 hectare farm, only 0.52 hectares is planted with coffee. He maintains 2.8 hectares for natural conservation, and the remainder is planted with vegetables or left uncultivated. With this very small production just a portion meets specialty quality standards, and like last year we were only able to obtain one 69kg bag of his coffee.

With such small scale comes numerous challenges along the path to quality. José does not have his own wet mill. After picking he uses the depulper at a neighboring farm, then transports the depulped seeds two hours by pack animal to his house for fermentation. He ferments in plastic barrels for approximately 15 hours, before he washes the coffee in the same barrels with plenty of fresh water to remove the mucilage. A neighbor lets him dry his coffee in their solar drying house for 10 - 15 days.

José delivers his coffee to the Beneficio San Vicente, owned by the Paz family, for dry milling and export. Trained cuppers grade his coffee and provide him with direct quality feedback. When one of his lots surpasses a very high quality threshold it is kept separate for micro-lot distinction. Benjamín Paz will then help José connect his coffee to a buyer who will pay top prices. Benjamín has been doing great work for years helping local producers realize the quality of their coffee and helping them obtain better prices by matching them with the right buyer. Without Benjamín and his team, a tiny producer like José and a tiny roaster like us may never cross paths.

This incredible amount of dedication and hard work pays off in the end. José’s coffee is wonderfully clean, sweet, and fruited, with ripe red fruit and a juicy body.


This is our second year buying from José Angel Velasquez. Our friend Todd Mackey at Olam Specialty Coffee spent months tracking the progress of Olam’s purchasing in Honduras to be sure that we had the first chance to sample this coffee. We scored this lot an 86.5 and purchased 1 69kg bags for $4.25/lb FOT ($3.75 FOB), on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $1.02/lb.

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