• Rwanda Kanzu #17

Rwanda Kanzu #17

12 oz whole bean coffee

We roast to order on Mondays and Wednesdays and ship the following day. Orders will be included in a roast if they’re received by 5pm Eastern Time the day before.

Origin: Rwanda

District: Nyamasheke

Sector: Karambi

Washing Station: Kanzu

Altitude: 1800 - 2100 meters

Process: Washed, dried on raised beds

Varieties: Bourbon

Tasting notes: orange, purple plum, date, black tea

Rwanda Kanzu is returning for its second year in our lineup. We love Rwandan coffee, and we really love the quality and consistency that comes out of the Kanzu washing station. This year we purchased two separate lots from Kanzu, each lot representing one production out turn at the mill. They keep each out turn separated, as opposed to blending them all together and averaging the quality, so lots can be cupped and graded individually. This allows buyers to select top lots and pay higher prices for better quality, raising the average price that the washing station receives for its coffee.

Our love of Rwandan coffee comes not only from the excellent quality and unique profile produced there, but for the inspiring comeback story. Since 2001 there has been a concerted aid effort focused on the coffee industry, to restore peace and stable economic activity following the genocide and civil war of 1994. The strength of Rwanda's coffee production is a sign of the success of these efforts.

The second lot we're releasing from Kanzu this year is out turn #17. With this coffee we taste sweet and balanced flavors of orange, purple plum, date, and black tea, with a creamy mouthfeel.


This is our second year buying from Kanzu. We wrote a forward contract with Red Fox Coffee Merchants to purchase 10 60kg bags from this washing station, split between two separate lots, for a price of $4.25/lb EXW on a day when the Coffee Commodity price was $0.97/lb. Our friend Joel Edwards from Red Fox sent us pre-ship samples of this lot, which we scored 87.75.