Carrier Roasting Co.

Chit Chat // Seasonal Blend


Whole bean coffee

We roast to order on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and ship the following day. Orders will be included in a roast if they’re received by 11:59pm Eastern Time the day before.

Chit Chat is a medium roasted blend of two in-season coffees. Though the components rotate seasonally, the coffee is always sweet and balanced. It's our go-to espresso at our coffee bars in Vermont and also makes a lovely drip brew.

Origin: 50% Ethiopia Limu // 50% Colombia Cauca

Producers: Haider Aba Mecha and Edwin Robert Pillimue Ivito

Elevation: 1750 - 2000 masl

Process: Washed

Varieties: Ethiopian Landraces, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi, Bourbon

Tasting notes: Milk chocolate, citrus, balanced

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