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Transparently sourced, specialty coffee, roasted fresh every week, just for you.

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Select Your Amount

Our Single Share (8 oz/week) option is perfect for two people who drink a cup or two a day. If there are more coffee drinkers in the house, or you drink more than a cup or two a day, select the Double Share (16 oz/week) option.

Pick-up or Delivery

If you're in Vermont, you can choose to pick-up your coffee in Randolph, Montpelier, or Northfield. If you live outside of the State, don't worry. We'll ship your coffee to you.

Two Distinct Roasts

Every coffee we feature is roasted to bring out its maximum flavor potential. If you like coffees sweeter, with lighter body select our Medium roast profile. If you like coffee a little bolder choose our Dark roast profile.

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