Half Caf 1 x 8 oz decaf, 1 x 8 oz regular

Each Half Caf subscription includes an 8 oz bag of our single origin decaf and an 8 oz bag of one of our core coffees, Deep Thought and/or Chit Chat, delivered every week, every other week, or every four weeks. Subscription prices include shipping.

We take decaf pretty seriously. Each of our decaf selections is an exceptional single origin coffee, roasted to bring out the same balance and sweetness in our caffeinated coffees. Deep Thought is our most developed roast. We use a high-quality single origin coffee that rotates seasonally with the coffee harvest. Chit Chat is a versatile, medium roast blend of two in season coffees that tastes great when brewed as a drip cup or used as espresso.

The coffees used in Decaf, Chit Chat, and Deep Thought rotate frequently, so the Conversation Kit is a great way to experience lots of different coffees.

Your first subscription coffee will be roasted and shipped on our next production day (Monday or Wednesday) after you order. Subscription coffees are packaged in compostable packaging. Adjusting the quantity adjusts the number of pairs of 8 oz bags that are shipped.

This is a subscription service and billing will renew automatically at the frequency you choose. Cancellation is free and available to you at any time.